To be truly successful an organization needs a strong market strategy that delivers products and services that consumers want, in the way they want them. At GMT Branding, we understand the value of strategic marketing and offer a three phase service:-

Research is first and foremost. We need to breakdown the client’s marketplace looking at the market structure, customers and competitors. The depth of the analysis is dependent on the complexity and competitiveness of the industry.

Positioning is at the core of marketing strategy. The organization must create a unique value proposition that addresses the challenges and wants of its target customers. This involves positioning the organization uniquely against its key competitors and creating enticing associations with its brand.

Tactical marketing includes the creation of product characteristics, pricing structure, distribution channels and communication programs to deliver a highly valuable product to the customer in line with the value proposition.

GMT Branding analyzes each of these elements in detail, looking at competitor tactics and customer needs to ensure maximum competitive advantage is attained at each stage.